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How Hamberley Moore revolutionised their IT infrastructure with the help of Inovix.

Hamberley Moore
Retail Industry
IT Consultancy, Microsoft 365 Configuration and Licencing
Job Title:
Head of IT Services
Project Overview:

While the benefits of moving certain business applications to the cloud are widely understood, many organisations can be reticent to make the change – often for fear of disrupting their day-to-day processes, making an existing technology investment redundant, or risking the security of their data. With Hamberley Moore, however, the opposite was the case.


Like many businesses today, the management team at a Hamberley Moore struggled with their IT systems. During the company’s start -up phase, they inherited several old computers as part of a sublease agreement on their new office space. What seemed like a bargain for this brand new company turned out to be a major headache. With old equipment patched together by nothing more than a part-time computer handyman, they were having connectivity issues and problems with data access, file sharing and backup, along with virus and security concerns.


Internal and remote users can now easily collaborate and share documents, printers and other important system resources. Appropriate e-mail retention and virtually unlimited storage could now be implemented to facilitate proper reporting and data retention compliance. Also, as a result of centralized file sharing, the number of e-mail attachments was greatly reduced and substantially reduced the individual mailbox folder size.

What we did

With the solutions provided by Inovix, this company was able to see immediate results in their productivity. They also gained the comfort of knowing that their systems were no longer as vulnerable to viruses and security threats.





A few kind Words from Hamberley Moore

"Inovix acts like our in-house tech department. They understand the needs and budgetary constraints of a small business. Inovix provide excellent IT service and are always accessible on the phone, regardless of the situation. We have been a happy client of Inovix for the past four years and plan on staying with them for a very long time!"

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