Our IT and Network support services range from remote telephone support to fully outsourced service agreements with tailored packages to suit your businesses requirements.  With our central UK location, we can also offer full onsite support in addition to our range of support packages available nationwide.

With specialist experience in supporting small and medium sized businesses, as well as enterprise systems, we are a well placed choice in helping a wide range of customers, regardless of size, budget or requirements.

  • Solutions Tailored For You

    At Inovix we believe it’s not just about provisioning an integrated system – it’s about creating a uniquely tailored solution that has been developed specifically for your business. We can offer you a range of services including ad-hoc support only when you need it, or fully managed monthly support agreements and can ensure that whatever systems solution we offer, we are there to support it now and in the future.

    We offer a range of business IT solutions which includes server infrastructure implementation, endpoint management and virtualization.  Our IT support services provide you with total support by means of unlimited Telephone, Remote and Onsite IT Support.  Just like the technologies we use, sell and deploy, we are constantly evolving.  Technology doesn’t stand still and neither do we.
  • Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance

    With IT support we need to know exactly what’s going on and where.  We use effective, reliable systems monitoring to get accurate insight into our clients’ networks and to deliver a valuable cost-effective service.  Armed with real-time info on system status we get to stop small problems in their tracks before they become expensive disasters.

    Speak to us about preventative methods to safeguard your IT systems where we can provide intelligent monitoring and proactive response to any threats.
  • Putting People First

    Many people think IT Support is about supporting technology.  But if properly set up and managed, technology largely behaves, so we focus more like 80% of our time supporting the people that use technology – people like those in your business or organisation trying to benefit from and harness IT to work more effectively.

    So although unusual, our philosophy is that IT Support is more about supporting people.  And by putting your people first, we ensure that they can make more effective use of technology to boost productivity and contribute to your success.
  • Solution-Business-Plan

  • Disaster Recovery

    It’s a fact that no systems are infallible and even if disasters happen rarely, there is no reason not to have a plan. We have the expertise and tools to create a strategy for server backup and recovery so that we can minimise the impact should the worst happen.

    From manual backups of small amounts of information, to a fully managed offsite data backup solution, Inovix offer a range of flexible and easy to use options to give you peace of mind that your data is safe and can be easily retrieved in the event of an emergency.